The Blog that
Simplifies Productivity

The Blog that Simplifies Productivity

Lean Accounting – how does it add up?

Have you heard the joke regarding our affinity towards numbers? “There are three types of people in the world. Those who can count and those …

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Stop Being so Harsh

We are generally good at coaching, mentoring, and advising others. We tend to be kind, generous and forgiving. However, when it comes to critiquing ourselves, …

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Have you actually improved

How many business improvement initiatives have you started, only to find yourself in one of the following scenarios a few team meetings later: •   …

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When everything is urgent

A few years ago, as I was speaking with the production scheduler of a manufacturing client, something caught my attention – printed production paperwork on …

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What inefficiencies are you hiding?

I was travelling last week and had a restaurant/pub meal with colleagues one evening. As I was picking up my meal, a set of pre-packed …

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A Productivity Lesson From Cricket

My younger son loves to play cricket. Recently the (main) summer season ended but my son enrolled for a winter season tournament – he just …

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Grow the Business Not Complexity

As a business grows, things get complicated and complex. Many businesses find the bottom-line margin going down, as the top-line goes up, due to a …

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More Product But Less Productivity

Australian manufacturing is at its lowest point ever at just 5.6% of GDP. It used to be over 30% in its heyday in the 1960s. …

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“Will it make the boat go faster”

Ben Hunt-Davis – former Olympic Champion Rower On Sunday Sep 24th 2000, exactly 20 years ago today, the British rowing team lined-up their boat in …

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