Grow the Business Not Complexity

As a business grows, things get complicated and complex. Many businesses find the bottom-line margin going down, as the top-line goes up, due to a lack of systems, structures and processes.
James Clear (NY best-selling author) states elegantly, in his book Atomic Habits, that ‘You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.’ This is a statement that validates what I’ve observed over two decades in the manufacturing sector, explaining why businesses struggle to consistently and continually improve year-on-year.

In my new book, ADVANCE: 12 Essential Elements to Supercharge Productivity & Profitability, I discuss four paradigm shifts that are required to start a successful journey to excellence – the path to improving productivity, performance and profitability, year-on-year.

Why are these four paradigms important?
Paradigm 1: Peak vs Hills – how to engage your teams and utilise the limited resources effectively, without exhausting them.
Paradigm 2: Elephants vs Turtles – how to develop a cadence of working on a few initiatives at one time and seeing it through to completion, on a regular basis.
Paradigm 3: Signal vs Noise – how to you cut through the noise to effectively communicate with your team.
Paradigm 4: Sprint vs Marathon – in short, avoiding team burnout. Can’t sprint the marathon.

Download the ‘ADVANCE: Introductory Overview’ to read the full details.

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Hidden Growth Opportunities

Ishan Galapathy is a renowned Operational expert in the food industry. In this book, he provides straight talk to leaders in the food sector who are challenged with the task of driving their company’s profitable growth.

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