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Confident Frontline Leader ProGRAm

Frontline leaders and middle managers hold the key to unlock the hidden potential of any organisation. Many believe that their managers and leaders are not as effective as they could/should be.

Common issues are: micro-managing teams instead of leading them; working reactively as opposed proactively; poor problem-solving capabilities; inability to coach their own teams; poor communication/listening skills etc.

This program is designed not only to provide the essential tools to improve the effectiveness of leadership but also to be coached individually to ensure that the tools are being used and that they are making a difference with their teams.

This personal development program will also take them through a journey to elevate their leadership skills, using the 5E’s effective leadership model.

Individuals going through this program will:


Leadership Attributes to Nurture a Culture of Excellence

This program was developed in response to multiple requests by clients for a leadership program to support Operational Excellence (OpEx).

Previously, my focus was helping companies to understand and implement OpEx in a simplified, yet effective way. I published this framework in my latest book ADVANCE.

LANCE is the companion program to the ADVANCE framework where you can develop the leadership attributes required to nurture a culture of excellence.

Like the two hands that wash each other, ADVANCE and LANCE are a powerful combination for you. This is your opportunity to deliver exceptional results in an engaging and meaningful way, through embedding processes and embracing practices, while creating a culture of excellence.

Lead for Excellence

Individuals going through this program will:

Operational Excellence – Simplified

When it comes to business improvement methodologies concepts, there are many to choose from – Six Sigma, TPM, LEAN, Kaizen, Theory of Constraints (TOC), Agile etc. Which one is right for your business? How should these be structured to get the most from your assets (People + Processes)? This one-day workshop is designed to answer all these questions and provide the most simplistic Operational Excellence model that can be deployed in almost any business.
Attend this one-day session to find out:

Effective Structured Problem Solving

Learn the art of complex problem solving with a cross-functional team – even if you know nothing about that problem. Based on the Six Sigma problem-solving framework (DMAIC), learn how to effectively lead & facilitate structured problem-solving groups.

This high-intensity training will demonstrate through experiential learning techniques, how to:

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Hidden Growth Opportunities

Ishan Galapathy is a renowned Operational expert in the food industry. In this book, he provides straight talk to leaders in the food sector who are challenged with the task of driving their company’s profitable growth.

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