With two teenage sons who are learning to drive, I get to sit in the passenger seat quite a lot these days. This provides a different perspective for me. While I have enjoyed seeing them learn the skills and become confident, I also see that they’ve picked up a couple of bad habits from me, i.e. not keeping the legally required distance from the vehicle in the front, being keen to beat the amber lights. I could say ‘do as I say and not as I do’, but the better approach is to reflect and acknowledge one’s own shortcomings.

In workplaces, we often discuss the need for the leaders to ‘walk the talk’. We also know that we accept the standards we are willing to walk past by. I’m reminded of the elegant quote by the leadership guru, the late Stephen Covey – “you cannot talk yourself out of the way you have behaved into”.

Milestones such as significant birthdays, work anniversaries and end of calendar years provide great opportunities for us to reflect upon matters from a different perspective. At Amazon meetings, no matter the size – with three, twenty or hundred attendees, they position an empty chair near the table. It’s the customer’s chair with the customer’s perspective.

I took the time to stop and reflect upon my own practice, with my business manager last week – on how we could better serve our clients and at the same time advance ourselves.

So, watch out for more programs in 2024.

So, a question for you – what different perspectives will you choose to reflect on?

I take this moment to thank my family, friends, colleagues and mentors who have provided me with rich learning opportunities in 2023. 

Most importantly, a big Thank You to all my clients who have provided me with not only an opportunity to walk alongside them helping to improve their workplaces, but an opportunity for me to learn from them as well. I’m truly grateful.

All the best for the festive season, holidays and a very happy & prosperous 2024!

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Hidden Growth Opportunities

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