Episode 2: Trusting your good soldiers

All of us have the power inside ourselves to do and create extraordinary things. Ishan Galapathy stresses the importance of believing in and supporting those dedicated individuals who are driving positive change within organisations. By trusting in their capabilities and fostering a supportive environment, insists Ishan, organisations can unlock excellence and achieve their goals.

Ishan recounts a personal experience with a supervisor named Andy, who demonstrated remarkable dedication and capability. Through mentoring and coaching, Andy was able to excel in his role and contribute significantly to the organisation’s success.

Another example Ishan shares is Jeff, a leader who effectively guided his team through an improvement initiative by fostering open communication and inclusivity. Through Jeff’s leadership, the team was able to unlock significant capacity without the need for additional resources.

And, drawing from the lessons of renowned executive coach Bill Campbell, Ishan highlights three key principles for effective coaching and leadership: leading with the heart, amplifying ideas through inclusive decision-making, and fostering trust within the team.


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Hidden Growth Opportunities

Ishan Galapathy is a renowned Operational expert in the food industry. In this book, he provides straight talk to leaders in the food sector who are challenged with the task of driving their company’s profitable growth.

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