ADVANCE: 12 essential elements to supercharge productivity and profitability

The complete step-by-step guide to improve productivity, performance and profitability of your business.
There is no shortage of ideas, however, implementation is a struggle. There are many problems to be solved and by hoping to solve many, we solve none – well, not effectively. There is so much data, yet we fly blind without critical insights. Often only a few carry the weight of the entire team. Getting traction in business and getting it effectively and efficiently is the key challenge.
ADVANCE, your essential productivity and profitability improvement guide is:
available in paperback plus Ebook

Book description

ADVANCE provides a practical framework to implement strategies easily, improve productivity meaningfully and engage employees effectively. It unravels 12 essential elements in a simplified yet effective manner to provide a holistic ‘Operational Excellence’ framework, to:
It is essentially your simplified Operational Excellence guide that is as easy as paint by numbers.
Take control and supercharge productivity and profitability of your business.

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Hidden Growth Opportunities

Ishan Galapathy is a renowned Operational expert in the food industry. In this book, he provides straight talk to leaders in the food sector who are challenged with the task of driving their company’s profitable growth.

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